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Frequently Asked Questions

Istikhara is a prayer performed by Muslims to seek guidance from Allah when faced with important decisions or choices in life. It involves seeking divine guidance through prayer and asking Allah to show the best course of action, whether it’s related to personal matters, relationships, or major life decisions.

To perform Istikhara, you need to offer two Rak’ahs (units) of optional prayer and then recite the special supplication for Istikhara, asking Allah to guide you towards what is best for you. After performing the prayer, it is essential to be attentive to any signs, dreams, or feelings you may experience, which could indicate Allah’s guidance.

Protection from black magic involves strengthening one’s faith and reciting specific supplications and verses from the Quran. Regularly reciting Surah Al-Falaq and Surah An-Nas can act as a protective shield. Seeking refuge in Allah from the evil of black magic and its practitioners is also recommended.

Divorce problems can arise due to various issues such as lack of communication, trust issues, financial disagreements, infidelity, incompatible lifestyles, and unresolved conflicts. Seeking counseling and trying to address these underlying problems can help couples overcome challenges in their marriage.

Handling business problems requires a strategic approach. It’s crucial to identify the root causes of the issues and devise a plan to address them. Seeking advice from experienced mentors or business consultants, implementing efficient financial management, and staying adaptable in a changing market are essential strategies.

Empathy plays a crucial role in resolving family conflicts. Understanding and acknowledging each other’s feelings and perspectives can help build stronger connections and foster a more supportive environment. Empathy can lead to compromise and finding common ground, reducing the intensity of conflicts.